best 5 ways to earn online money in 2020

Today we all have smartphones in our hands. In this article we will look at the best 5 ways to earn online money by using this smartphone smartly. Today we have mobile in our hands for a long time. We spend a lot of time on social media throughout the day. How is that We will see how to earn money online in 2022.

Earn Online Money
Earn Online Money

Earn online money from YouTube

Earn online money from YouTube

The most popular way to make money online is through YouTube. Today we use YouTube for every little big thing. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest uses YouTube. It is rare to find a person who has not used YouTube during the day. Finds information about a place, various actions, everything on YouTube.

Using YouTube, you can create YouTube videos on topics that interest you. Since we are interested, we can work hard on that subject. In addition to your regular work, you can devote some time throughout the day to pursuing your hobby. You will be able to earn money online through advertisements after fulfilling certain conditions of YouTube along with hobbies.

For this you need to create a YouTube channel. After creating a channel, upload the videos you created on it. Your video content will be great. So slowly your videos will start appearing in YouTube search. Your views will increase. There should be a consistency in posting videos on it. Videos may be related to the same topic. This means that if you are providing information about technology, all the videos should be related to it. If you are giving health information then there should be videos related to it. At the beginning you can choose your favorite subject.

Earn online money from Blogging

Earn online money from blogger

You can create your own blog on Blog or WordPress and earn money online from it. Here too you can earn money online by writing articles on your favorite topics without showing your face.

On blogger you can create your blog for free. After creating a blog, you can consistently write about your favorite topics in it. Once the blog design is in place and the Google AdSense criteria are met, you can apply for an ad on your blog. We can earn money online after getting google AdSense approval.

If your writing is self-written and good content, you can get immediate approval from google AdSense. For those who want to share their thoughts with others without speaking in front of the camera, blogging is a great option.

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Earn online money from Affiliate Marketing

Earn online money from Affiliate marketing

Today, everyone uses the online platform to buy something everywhere. The volume of online shopping is increasing day by day. This is what we can take advantage of. With Affiliate Marketing, you can sell physical products as well as digital products. In return you are paid a certain commission at home.

To make money from affiliate marketing, you need to create an account on the products website for which you are going to do affiliate marketing. Amazon is one of the best marketing programs that you can market by providing links to those products in your website, YouTube videos description, Facebook page and instagram page.

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Earn online money from Android Apps

Today, you can see various Android apps in your phone. We use different apps for different purposes. After opening the apps, you see ads in the middle. Through this advertisement, the app creator gets revenue. There are also some apps that make money for the app creator. We can also create this type of app. If you have basic knowledge about coding, you can create apps through Android App Android Studio. You can use videos on YouTube to create apps

Also some other platforms are available for you to create apps without coding. We can create apps using this platform. You can earn online using Google or Facebook Ads.

Earn online money from Social media

You can use social media not only for entertainment but also for online money earning. If you are active on social media and you have a lot of followers on social media, you can make money online by creating pages on it. In this way you can earn money online by providing marketing links on your page as well as by promoting the products related to the writing on your page. See you soon.

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